Stand-out Quality for Stand-up Pouches

Stand-out Quality for Stand-up Pouches

Our Customer's Challenge

Stand-up pouches become more and more important for brand owners and consumers alike. But producers see themselves confronted with a high pressure to develop new solutions for a more efficient and more productive production while maintaining high quality of the final packaging solution.

Producers therfore mainly focus on:

  • Perfect film flatness for top print results,
  • High output for efficient extrusion,
  • High clock rates to convert more stand-up pouches per hour,
  • Best-in-class quality in terms of optics and mechanical properties,
  • As little material invest as possible while maintaining the above.

Those high requirements are only met when companies along the value chain think and act together to create the perfect stand-up pouch ‒ from resin to the final solution.

Three Companies presenting the perfect solution

Windmöller & Hölscher, Total and Coveris cooperated for this year's K-Show to present a more efficient, productive and highly innovative stand-up pouch.

As leaders in our fields we set our goals high:

  • 25% downgauging
  • Better optics
  • Better mechanical properties
  • Highest output

Each goal needed the full dedication of every partner to reach the full potential.

The right recipe for 25% downgauging potential

For the ambitious goal to downgauge 25% compared to a market reference we needed the experience and innovation oriented mind of Total. With the new grade Lumicene® Supertough 32ST05 in the core layer in combination with Lumicene® M1820EP in the skin layers we were able to develop a recipe that allows a production of a 60µm thick 3-layer film with high gloss and outstanding stand-up ability.

Outstanding film properties

Not only did we manage to find a perfect recipe for 25% downgauging potential but we also managed to reach even better optical and mechanical properties. This gave us the opportunity in cooperation with Coveris to reach highest clock rates on lamination and pouchmaking machines. Sealing strength and e-modulus were key for a good performance during the pouchmaking process.

The right machine setup for highest output

In order to reach this ambitious goal we found in Windmöller & Hölscher the right partner. With the OPTIMEX we were able to produce at a constant output of 600kg/h whilst maintaining a perfect film profile. Thanks to the high performance air ring MULTICOOL HP and the intuitive software PROCONTROL combined with the process know how we have built up over the recent years we were able to guarantee highest output and best-in-class film properties.

Illuminated by the experts

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