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10 | 12 | 2010

K 2010 – an Exceptional Show
Windmöller & Hölscher
Stand Filled with Visitors

K 2010 – an Exceptional Showe
Windmöller & Hölscher Stand Filled with Visitors

The K 2010, which recently came to a close, was without a doubt an exceptional trade show. Although attendance was down slightly compared to the 2007 show, the more than 220,000
visitors this year exceeded expectations in the wake of an economic crisis. Windmöller &
Hölscher, along with other manufacturers, has experienced an increase in customer interest
and had a large number of visitors at the K. This was equally true for the W&H in-house EXPO
at the company's headquarters in Lengerich, Germany, which was attended by nearly 700
visitors from 71 countries. An unprecedented number of deals were closed during these shows,
which underscores the importance of the business contacts and strengthened optimism for
the post-show market. Peter Steinbeck, Managing Director, stated, „the positive customer
feedback was overwhelming. We are relieved that the economic crisis is behind us and the
outlook for 2011 is very good.“

The favorable economic climate combined with innovative developments introduced by W&H
at both the K 2010 and the in-house EXPO generated a high level of customer interest. At the
K 2010, a 5-layer VAREX blown film line equipped with the new MAXICONE P die and the
OPTICOOL high output air ring drew considerable attention. The WOW factor was high as the
line set a new world record for blown film with outputs of 1,000 kg/h (2,200 lb/h) with a 400 mm
(16“) die diameter. A prerequisite for reaching this output level was a high tower. W&H’s
spectacular design, which stood almost 16 meters in height and weighed 85 tons, grabbed the spotlight and became the most photographed object in Hall 17.

The VAREX's world record was not an end in and of itself. Rather, it demonstrated that technology
is the key to reducing investment and operating costs as well as energy and raw materials. The
5-layer line produced a new 5-layer polyolefin film, which was developed in close collaboration
with ExxonMobil Chemical, a global leader in the manufacturing of Metallocene Polyethylene
(mPE) with well-known products such as „Exceed™“ and „Enable™“. The film showed improved properties and was thinner (downgauged) than conventional 3-layer films, resulting in a substantial reduction of raw materials, a priority for W&H under its „greenovation“ philosophy.

A MIRAFLEX AM 8 flexographic press could also been seen at the booth. Two daily demonstrations of the EASY-COL color matching technology proved that complete job changeover and color matching could be done in less than 15 minutes. This unprecedented speed not only shortens
set up times, but also reduces the amount of leftover ink and other waste.

Running parallel to the K 2010 was W&H’s in-house EXPO in Lengerich, which had many of its
own attractions also focusing on products rather than machinery. One of the most interesting products run was a PET-thermoforming barrier film, which was made on the FILMEX cast film
line. Due to its excellent properties, PET is widely used for packaging purposes, most often
requiring lamination for the production of practical films. The coextrusion process circumvents
these limitations and opens new possibilities in packaging design with greater potential for

W&H also exhibited four blown film lines producing films for a range of applications, including:
a water-quenched, high-clarity 3-layer PP film for infusion bags (AQUAREX), a 3-layer Metallocene laminating film (OPTIMEX), a PP-based labeling film (3-layer VAREX), and a stretch barrier film
with enhanced protection properties for wrapping hay bales (7-layer VAREX).

The EXPO also focused on machinery for the converting of polyolefin woven fabrics. W&H
subsidiary, BSW (Bag Solutions Worldwide) based in Vienna, Austria, exhibited a complete
picture of modern woven sack production with an ecoTex coating and laminating line, a
POLYTEX tuber, an AD CONVERTEX SL valve bottomer, and a slitTex roll slitter.

"The market honors our strategy of not losing sight of continuing to create machinery for
maximum efficiency at a high rate even during difficult times. We are one of the first in the industry
to introduce a concept for the credible and measurable development of technologies underscoring sustainability. We call it “greenovation” and our customers are increasingly taking notice and recognizing the value of this”, says CEO Jürgen Vutz.

Windmöller & Hölscher is an international leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of machinery for the flexible packaging industry and is based in Lengerich, Germany. The product range includes flexographic and gravure printing presses, blown and cast film extrusion systems, multiwall equipment, plastic sack and bag making machines as well as form-fill-seal machinery.
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K 2010 PR 1301
World record: The 5-layer VAREX blown film line didn't just attract
attention for it's design, it also set a world record with outputs
of 1000 kg/h – the highest at the entire K 2010!
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