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Influence of color matching on the press set-up process

A survey of a number of printing operations revealed that ink supply, calculation of ink quantities required, color matching on press, and the handling of left over inks account
for about half the time required for setting up the press for the next job.

Effective tools for automatic color deck positioning and register setting having been available and successfully used in the industry for many years, time has come to
address the issue of ink management, since this is where major saving potentials
can be exploited. W&H has responded to this demand by offering the market its highly effective EASY-COL modules for ink management on press.

EASY-COL is the new innovative ink management system which can be used on both flexographic and gravure printing presses from Windmöller & Hölscher. With the development of EASY-COL W&H has consistently pursued its endeavour toward reducing resources used in the printing process. By minimizing left over inks and reducing set-up time as well as waste, the productivity of printing presses can be dramatically improved.